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    The Affiliate Program


    • Discount code with your own name to share with your followers (20% off) 
    • 10% of every purchase people make through your link (e.g. someone purchases for 50$ worth of clothes on our store, you get 5$)


    • Engaging Audience on social media (IG, tumblr, Youtube..)
    • Willing to actively promote (feed, story, videos,..)
    • Audience of at least 20K
    • To stay in the program a purchase needs to be made through your link within the first month (we only allow a limited amount of affiliates so it's highly competitive)

    How to apply:

    Send us as an email at or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. 
    Provide the following information:
      1. Name/Age/Country 
      2. Social media username
      3. Say you have read and agree to the requirements above
      4. Make sure you enter a valid email address as that's where we send the details

    How it works:

    Our team will contact you through email. If you have been accepted into the program you will receive a signup form. Once you have signed up for the program you will receive your own link. This link you share with your followers/subscribers, this way, if they purchase through your given link, you receive 10% off the profits! It's that easy.
    We also provide a 20% discount code in your name.