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    Our Ambassadors. Join the team today.

    Llenora Ambassador Program

    Ambassadors promote our brand on Instagram & other social media.
    • Discount code with your own name to share with your followers (20% off) 
    • Ambassador discount code, enjoy 35% off your own purchases
    • Free item once your code has been used 5 times
    • 15% of profits for every purchase after that! (you get to join our affiliate program)
    Requirements & responsibilities : 
    • Actively promote
    • willing to put us in your bio
      How it works:
      We provide a 20% discount code to promote our shop. This code has to be put in your bio alongside a link to our shop. Once 5 people use your code to checkout you get a free llenora piece!
      *selected ambassadors will be picked for our affiliate program
      *Keep an eye on your email for our reply!! Also check your spam folders if you can't find a reply within 24h.